National tourist symbols

Waste dump symbol (white on blue background) Golf course symbol (white on blue background) Heritage symbol (white on brown background) Museum symbol (white on brown background) Whales symbol (white on brown background) Winery symbol (white on brown background) Walking trail symbol (white on brown background) Lookout symbol (white on brown background) Aboriginal attraction symbol (white on brown background)

Tourist symbols - what they mean and how to use them

These nationally approved tourist symbols have been developed so that users can enjoy a consistent experience as they visit Australia’s tourism destinations.

They are intended for use on roadside signs, maps, guidebooks, directories and tourism websites.

Other symbols may be added in future, as the need and funding arises.

All symbols have been consumer tested according to Australian Standards and have been adopted for use by all Australian states and territories. Some states or territories may choose not to use some symbols so you should consult the officer in charge of tourist road signing at your State or Territory road authority to determine whether they are applicable in your area.

Using these tourist symbols

Criteria for the use of each symbol has been agreed to at a national level, but some states and territories may choose to apply additional criteria to meet local needs and/or policies. You should consult your state or territory road authority and/or tourism commission for clarification about how they are to be applied in your region.

These symbols are copyright protected, but they may be used by authorised individuals, agencies and commercial organisations only for the purpose for which they are intended and according to the base criteria.

The development of a set of national tourist symbols has been a major project of the National Tourism Signing Reference Group (NTSRG) since 2000.


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To request to use or find out more about the symbols, please contact your relevant road authority.